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July 30, 2020
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July 15th@6pm


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Magnetize Members You Actually Want

Are you tired of the trolls?

Worried there aren't enough members to support your work?

Want to charge what you deserve not what you feel you "should" or "have to"?

Let me teach you the quick and dirty details.

In this free liveclass, you'll learn the simple mindset shift that will have you magnetizing members that are not only happy to see you, but also super excited to pay you for your time, your energy, and your creations!


Small Business Extrodinare.

Traditional Modeling & Acting School Graduate.

A wealth of useful and actionable information about e-commerce, effective digital marketing, solo-entrepreneurship, and the world of adult e-entertainment (gained through multiple small business experiences, university, *so many* books, and 7 years in "the industry").

Magnetize Members You Actually Want

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